Friday, January 04, 2008

New Survey on Consumer Habits

The Hollywood Reporter had an interesting story on December 28th.

During the last week of October, Deloitte & Touche did their second online survey of consumer habits this year. They surveyed 2,081 U.S. consumers.

Eight months earlier (February 23-March 6, 2007), their first survey had indicated 24% of consumers used their cell phones as entertainment devices. The new survey puts that number at 36%.

"The current figure [for cell phones as entertainment devices] soars to 62% among millenials (consumers 13-to-24-years-old) compared with 46% in the previous study . . ." Among the Generation X consumers (25-to41-year-olds), the new figure grew to 47% from 29%.

Approximately 38% of consumers are watching TV shows online, up from 23% in the previous study.

"About 20% of consumers said they are viewing video content on their cell phones daily or almost daily."

One really interesting stat is that 69% of those surveyed indicated they are watching or listening to consumer-generated content.

"Eight-five% of consumers still find TV advertising to have the most impact on their buying habits, but online ads are second best, with 65% of consumers saying they have the most impact, beating out magazines at 63%."

"'I think for advertisers one of the conclusions is you don't make decisions to advertise either on television or the Internet when you want to hit all the demographics, but rather you need to have a multiplatform strategy,' said Ken August, vice chairman and national sector leader for Deloitte & Touche's media and entertainment practice, which commissioned the study. 'It shouldn't be an either or proposition'."

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