Monday, January 28, 2008

A New Contest

Agent Nathan Bransford has finally taken permanent leave of his senses.

He's posted an invitation to "The Surprisingly Essential First Page Challenge" on his blog here.

Essentially, the Essential FPC invites writers to post the first 500 words of their manuscript in the comments section of his blog between now and Wednesday at 5:00 PM (Pacific time).

Nathan and his friend Holly will judge the entries.

As for prizes:

And the prizes! The ultimate grand prize deluxe winner will receive the satisfaction of knowing they have a seriously awesome first page, and will have a choice of a query critique, partial critique, 10 minute phone conversation, or one of my clients' books. Runners-up will receive a query critique or other agreed-upon prize.

It's been slightly over three months since Nathan announced "The Largely Indispensable First Paragraph Challenge," and I'm guessing the holidays helped to blunt the pain of that experience--although I notice May, Nathan's intrepid assistant for that little soiree, didn't volunteer for this outing. She's probably moved out of town and left no forwarding address.

So, come on, you slackers. Get up and going. Hie thee over to Nathan's and post your first 500 words.

[giggle, giggle]


Michele Lee said...

I did :)

Maya Reynolds said...

Congratulations, Michele!! I'll look forward to reading your entry.

You go, girl.