Friday, January 25, 2008

To See Or Not To See

Okay, by now, you all know I'm an action film fan. I love fast-moving adventures films, and I'm not disturbed by violence in these movies because it has no relation to real-life violence.

I entertained myself in traffic yesterday morning trying to name my favorite action films. Here they are in alphabetical order:

1) Aliens
2) Blade Runner
3) Bourne Ultimatum
4) Casino Royale
5) Collateral
6) Die Hard
7) First Blood
8) Lethal Weapon
9) The Long Kiss Goodnight
10) Pulp Fiction
11) The Rock
12) The Terminator

You probably know where this is leading.

Rambo premieres today.

First Blood is one of my all-time favorite action movies. First Blood, Part II would probably make my top twenty favorite films.

Of course, Rambo III was god-awful. It was such a huge embarrassment that I can't even believe I'm thinking about going to see the new film.

It's been twenty-five years since the first film and almost twenty years since the third one. Sly Stallone is now sixty-one years old.

I've known more than one guy over sixty whom I found very sexy. Somehow I don't think Sly is going to be one of them.

I'm so conflicted.


Pashon said...

I love it've got all my favorites listed..but what about ScarFace? That is popcorn night for my husband and I.

Congrats as well on your book. I'm getting ready to purchase it and as soon as I can clear out some time, I'm going to sit down and read it -- cover to cover.

Take care,


Maya Reynolds said...

Pashon: Hi, and thanks for stopping by.

I have never seen "ScarFace," but if you liked all my other films, maybe I need to try it. Thanks for the recommendation.

And hope you'll enjoy my book. You can read an excerpt in the upper right hand corner of this blog.

Warm regards,


John Arkwright said...

Gattaca is my favorite Sci-fi of all time.

Contact is my second.

So you can see that I'm OK with slower stuff. I love the weighty stuff that works. Tears me up.

Pulp Fiction is my #1 guilty pleasure, though.

Jaye Wells said...

Hi Maya, came from Jonathan's blog. I loved The Long Kiss Goodnight. Samuel L. Jackson is fantastic in that movie. I like most of the others on the list, as well. Also, I'll second the Scarface rec. It's a classic.

The Anti-Wife said...

I expect to see a review of the new Rambo movie on your blog shortly!

Maya Reynolds said...

John: I didn't see Gattaca on the big screen. Rented it, but never finished watching it.

I've heard good things about Contact. Based on your recommendation, will have to rent it. Thanks.

Maya Reynolds said...

Jaye: Thanks for stopping by.

I loved The Long Kiss Goodnight. Really liked Craig Bierko, who played Timothy, the villain.

Was surprised and pleased to see him again last year playing a recurring role on Boston Legal.

Maya Reynolds said...

AW: Yeah. Somebody's got to do it. I guess it's me. [grin]