Thursday, January 10, 2008

News Writers Reach Agreement With CBS

The Writers Guild, following through on it threat to seek individual deals, reached agreement yesterday with CBS on a new contract for its news writers and associated staff such as researchers, editors, assistants and graphic writers.

The story was reported by the Los Angeles Times this morning and says:

The four-year contract, which still must be approved by the guild's membership, grants CBS employees two 3.5% raises in the next two years. (Most employees will also receive an additional one-time payment of $3,700.) The union had been seeking a 3% raise each year, as well as retroactive pay, which it did not receive.

But the guild succeeded in getting CBS to drop its efforts to create a two-tiered salary scale that would have meant lower wage increases for local radio employees than for television and network radio staffers. The network also withdrew its demand to merge guild and non-guild newsrooms, the union said.

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