Monday, January 28, 2008

Is Your Novel Fresh And Original?

Agent Jonathan Lyons had a post on Saturday that should be required reading for every would-be writer.

Go here and scroll down to January 26th: "Fresh and Original Ideas."

In the kindest possible way, Jonathan tells writers that most of the query letters he gets are neither fresh nor original.

Every time I walk into Barnes & Noble and see a dozen new vampire novels I know just how he feels. Enough already with the vampires.

Now if you could give me a book where the vampire has an allergy to Type O blood that results in an eating disorder, maybe I'd read it.

Thanks for the reminder, Jonathan.


Jaye Wells said...

Hey! Some of us think our vampire novels are both fresh and original. ;)

Church Lady said...

I wondered if Jaye would see this!

Jaye, she's talking about what's there now.
What is currently needed are *fresh* books, like yours.

Jaye Wells said...

No offense taken at all. I thought it was funny.