Monday, January 07, 2008

Top Sci-Fi In the Last 25 Years

Entertainment Weekly has an article on the top 25 sci-fi films and television shows of the past 25 years. I just had a great time scrolling through them.

My top favorites were on the list although not in the order I would have listed them.

You can see EW's list here.

And I've posted videos from my top five below, counting down from #5 to #1.

#5 on my list: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982): Whose heart didn't break when E.T. and Elliot said good-bye, each touching his heart and saying "ouch"?

#4: The Matrix (1999): This is the scene when Neo and Trinity shoot up the lobby on their way to rescuing Morpheus.

#3 The Terminator (1984): This film started my infatuation with Michael Biehn. This is the scene where Sarah meets both Kyle and The Terminator for the first time in the club Tech-Noir.

#2 Aliens (1986): This film had everything. A kick-ass heroine, a cute kid, an evil Alien Queen AND Michael Biehn. This is my favorite scene in which Ripley utters those immortal words, "Get away from her, you bitch!"

#1 Blade Runner (1982): Every time Ridley Scott issues another director's cut, I buy it. I've got at least five versions of this film by now. This is the scene in which the last replicant allows Deckard to live while dying himself. Rutger Hauer was great as Roy Batty.

What are your favorites?


B.E. Sanderson said...

So much good stuff in that list, it's hard to say which are my top 5 favs.

For movies, I'd have to say: Galaxy Quest, Starship Troopers, Terminator, Star Trek - the Wrath of Khan and Star Trek - First Contact are tied, and finally, The Fifth Element (hokey, I know, but I liked it). Oh, and the X-men movies (1 & 2) should be in there somewhere, too.

For TV shows: Star Trek TNG, Enterprise, Quantum Leap, The X-Files (but only the early episodes), and V-The Miniseries (because the prime time series version was just bad).

Alex said...

I don't consider "ET" to be true science fiction; it's more of a fairy tale that uses an alien in place of a gnome or an elf. Same thing with "Aliens," which is a traditional "monster" movie, in which the aliens replace Frankenstein, Freddie Krueger or any boogeyman of choice. That's not to dispute their effectiveness as films (especially "Aliens").

I've always felt "Minority Report" was underrated as SF, as well as the overly-humanistic but still affecting "2010."

Maya Reynolds said...

B.E.: Galaxy Quest is definitely in my top ten. It was great!

Maya Reynolds said...

Alex: I was torn between E.T. and Minority Report for #5. I loved Minority Report even though a lot of critics didn't.

Church Lady said...

These are all great. I loved Minority Report. It's one of the few Tom Cruise films I truly enjoy.
I liked 'Contact' also. (that movie with Jodi Foster based on Carl Sagan's work)

Maya Reynolds said...

C.L.: I've never seen "Contact." Now I think I want to. Thanks for the recommendation.