Friday, September 21, 2007

A Bad Girl's Friday

I don't know if it was posting that excerpt that did it or not, but all of a sudden Bad Girl is #38 in Women's Fiction on Amazon and #2 in Single Women's Fiction. And Amazon says they only have five copies left (after reordering earlier this week).

If you've read Bad Girl, liked it and are feeling generous, do me a favor. Go here and leave a review. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.


Sherrill Quinn said...

WOOHOO!!!! Look at you go, your bad self! :)

Andrea Geist said...

I left a review for you. Feel free to use elsewhere if it helps! xoxo Andrea

Hot and Fast, September 22, 2007
By Zeitgeist (usa) - See all my reviews

Bad Girl is hot. Fast paced action and lust combine for an unputdownable read. If you like your read on the poblano pepper spicy side, this book is for you. Add wonderful writing and storytelling and you have a keeper

Colleen said...


And congratulations!