Friday, September 07, 2007

Kindling Excitement

In another week it will be exactly a year since I first blogged here about the expected release of the Kindle, a new e-reader from Amazon. In that post, I also provided a link here to Engadget where they posted a photo of the proposed Kindle.

Six months later, I posted on the Kindle again here, quoting:

"The screen quality is reportedly as sharp as Sony, but the Amazon device has better functionality, and, as should be expected from the e-tailer, a first rate e-commerce option. Amazon is expected to release the reader this spring, although the exact timing may depend on how fast it can develop a critical mass of titles."

Amazon did not follow through on the expected release six months ago.

This morning's New York Times (NYT) had a lengthy article on the Kindle titled "Envisioning The Next Chapter For Electronic Books."

The article said:

In October, the online retailer will unveil the Kindle, an electronic book reader that has been the subject of industry speculation for a year, according to several people who have tried the device and are familiar with Amazon's plans. The Kindle will be priced at $400 to $500 and will wirelessly connect to an e-book store on Amazon's site.

The article also indicated that the big publishers are moving rapidly to convert their titles into e-book formats--perhaps anticipating the Kindle's release. Brad Stone, author of the piece, acknowledged that the release had been delayed several times already.

Several people who have seen the Kindle say...the device's central innovation its ability to download books and periodicals, and browse the Web, without connecting to a computer. They also say Amazon will pack some free offerings onto the device, like reference books, and offer customers a choice of subscriptions to feeds from major newspapers like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and the French newspaper Le Monde.

While I found the recently released Sony Reader overpriced at $300, the wireless ability of the Amazon reading device might prompt me to spring for the more expensive Kindle. At least I'd entertain the idea.

So, let's see if the next scheduled release date is the charm.

We'll get back to ePiracy tomorrow.

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The Anti-Wife said...

Does the initial price include the downloads, or is there a monthly or per use fee for that? It could be very expensive in the long run or an absolutely fabulous device for those on the go.