Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Cornucopia Of Comments

Thunderstorms everywhere I look--both outside my study window and on the Internet.

Lots of stuff going on in both places.

The Dear Author post for today directed readers back to the August 24th article in the Arizona Republic that I mentioned here last Wednesday.

A very interesting comment stream has grown out of the newspaper's story on the Triskelion bankruptcy. Brenna Lyons, president of EPIC (the Electronically Published Internet Connection), posted several lengthy comments, taking the newspaper, the judge and the bankruptcy system to task. Read the article and Brenna's comments here.

In today's Dear Author post here, the Ja(y)nes take a swipe at Brenna for "disseminating inaccurate legal information about authors’ rights in bankruptcy." They also asked Angela James (Executive Editor of Samhain Publishing) to give her thoughts on "What Authors Should Look For In An E-Publisher." Angela has some excellent suggestions, although I think Sarah McCarty's comment (the first to follow the post) enlarges and improves upon Angela's answer.

Be sure to read the comments following the post. At this writing, there are forty of them (including the ubiquitous Brenna Lyons).

Dear Author is one of the sites I check a couple of times a week. The site provides a variety of topics of interest along with romance reviews.

I'm going to add that I don't *think* anyone participating in these posts or comments is an attorney, so everything should be read with caution.

And if you're looking for sheer horror coupled with some sleazy entertainment value, check out Karen Scott's blog for both Wednesday and Friday of this week. The subject was yet another small e-publisher that closed its doors. This time, it was Mardi Gras Publishing.

While the announcement of the closing by owner Teresa Jacobs was pretty unprofessional, it didn't hold a candle to the defense(?)...that's not quite, that's not it either...diversion...yes, that's what I was looking for...posted by author Jaden Sinclair.

Start here with the original post (and comments, of course). If you still have the courage...and/or stamina to proceed, try the later post here. Be forewarned. There is crude language and cruder spelling involved. And, it goes without saying, don't forget to read the comments.

I've gone off on what I consider rants here, but I don't hold a candle to Jaden Sinclair.

Off to finish my notes from the RWA conference.

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Sherrill Quinn said...

Oy vay. I have just one question: What is wrong with people? You cannot *ever* send an email and expect it to stay where you sent it. You have to expect someone to leak it, especially if you're acting like an illiterate schmuck. There are ways to vent and still be articulate and, yes, even professional about it.

I'm very saddened by what's going on here and, believe me, keeping a close eye on all of my publishers.