Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Celebration!!!

At 11:51 PM on Monday, September 17, we turned over 50,000 visitors to this site.

To celebrate, I'll send an autographed copy of Bad Girl to the first three people who add a comment to this post. After you add the comment, send me your mailing address offline at mayareynoldswriter@sbcglobal.net.

Happy 50,000!!


Margaret said...

Talk about timing :). I read and enjoyed your interview on Maria's blog and followed the link to yours only to find this among other posts. I'd love to read Bad Girl, especially after hearing its story.

Thank you,

Maya Reynolds said...

Hi, Margaret: Okay, you're the first. Who'll be second?

Mike Keyton said...

Hi Maya,
Funny enough I was going to ask you how you know how many people visit your site. My blog is fairly anonymous, I have no idea who if any read it. Is there a gizmo. And yes, I'd love to read the book. Like Margaret I enjoyed the interview. But the contest if I make it, will be a nice piece of serendipity

Maya Reynolds said...

Mike: I'm glad you're #2. And let me introduce you to StatCounter. It's a free service you can access at www.statcounter.com.

Scroll down to the very bottom of my blog site and you'll see my StatCounter. It logs every unique (not repeat) visitor to this site. And, when I log into my account, it tells me what page that visitor accessed and where s/he came from.

You can purchase additional services from StatCounter, but I haven't bothered. It's enough for me to know how many visitors arrive each day--how many are new and how many are returning visitors--and how many pages they opened while here. Brand new visitors usually open five or six pages, looking at previous posts.

I've used the information to shape how I run this blog. I highly recommend the service.

Send me your mailing address to get your copy of the book. BTW, at 6:38 AM today, you're one of nine visitors from Great Britain, four from Canada, three from Australia, two from Hong Kong, two from Argentina, one from Thailand, one from Serbia and one from Singapore. The other hundred plus visitors so far today are from the U.S.

Maya Reynolds said...

I forgot to say StatCounter only gives you detailed info on the last hundred visitors. If you want more, you have to purchase the service.

Gina Black said...

Can I possibly be the third? My goodness.

B.E. Sanderson said...

I'm late as usual, but congratulations anyway. =oD I'll be looking forward to the day when my visitors reach 5 digits.

For stats, I use Google Analytics. It's fun, it's free and it gives me everything I need. (Most importantly for me, though, it's free.)

Maya Reynolds said...

Gina: You are #3. Send me your mailing address at mayareynoldswriter@sbcglobal.net


Maya Reynolds said...

B.E.: You are late, but I'll do another giveaway when I get back from Bethesda so not to worry.

Gina Black said...

How fun!

Congrats on all that traffic! (Coming from L.A. you won't hear me saying that often!)

Will send you an email. Looking forward to reading the book!!