Sunday, September 23, 2007

Maya's Version of a PSA

I really do try to avoid getting into politics on this blog, but--in view of the time of year--I'm going to make a Public Service Announcement.

In eight days, on the first Monday in October, the Supreme Court of the United States will convene its new term. It will be the third term under Chief Justice John Roberts.

I don't care if you are Republican or Democrat. You need to be aware that the most important decision you will make for the future of our nation will take place in a voting booth a year from now. Whatever president you elect will probably be responsible for appointing at least one, more likely two, and possibly as many as four justices to the Supreme Court. Those appointments will dictate the shape and flavor of the Court for the next thirty years.

With the departures of Chief Justice Rehnquist and Sandra Day O'Connor in 2005, and the appointments of John Roberts and Samuel Alito, the moderate court began moving in a much more conservative direction. Roberts and Alito are 52 and 57 respectively.

Take a look at what you see around you. Do you want the kind of decisions that have been made under the Bush administration to continue--or grow even more extreme under a more conservative court?

I am a lifelong Republican, the first on both sides of my very Irish/Italian family, but I will not support a Republican for the White House in the next election for this reason alone.

I believe the Bush administration has trampled on the Constitution. The failure of my party to safeguard the rights of its citizens (rendition, torture and illegal wiretaps) is sufficient cause for me to vote against them in the forthcoming election.

As you consider who to vote for next year, please pay attention to the decisions coming out of the Supreme Court in this upcoming term.

End of political rant. We'll get back to regular programming tomorrow.

Last year, I told you about The Capitol Steps, a comedy troupe out of Washington. They are equal opportunity satirists of Republicans and Democrats. Below is their take on the Supreme Court. This was filmed two years ago so it is slightly dated, but it makes my point.


Stephen Parrish said...

Thanks, Maya. I for one would love to see more politics on your blog.

I'm registered as an independent and will vote for the Democratic candidate next year no matter who that person is. That's the impression George Bush and his party have made on me.

Bush isn't president of the United States. He's president of the Republican Party. A party of Christian fundamentalism, disdain for the Constitution, cronyism, and stubborn intolerance.

I voted for some Republicans as recently as 2000. Boy has the world changed since then.

Anonymous said...
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David Roth said...

My first thought: Like Dan Rather, who forgot it was his job to report the news and decided that he could flaunt his celebrity and create the news. The Court of late has forgotten that it is their job to interpret the law, not create laws.

As for the Capitol Steps - they're regular visitors to da 'burgh, and yes - they are equal opportunity satirists - and very, very funny.

Maya Reynolds said...

Stephen: I had the advantage of watching Bush as governor of Texas, which is why I didn't vote for him as president--either time.

Thanks for commenting and thank you, too, for the very kind review on Amazon. I appreciate you.

Maya Reynolds said...

David: A friend took me to a Capitol Steps show some years ago, and I've been buying their albums ever since.

For anyone interested, you can listen to some of their more current and popular songs on their website